Opportunity to sell your wool to Southdown Duvets via the British Wool Marketing Board

Jessica Cross from Southdown Duvets has set up a buying scheme with the British Wool Marketing Board in which you can participate should you wish and if convenient.

The scheme will operate as follows:

1.       You shear, roll and pack your wool into British wool sheets and send them to one of 2 BWMB depots, namely South Molton and Ashford (or these depots’ intermediary collection point such as Ropley)

2.       BWMB will grade your wool and pay you in exactly the same way they pay any other wool producer

3.       Once you get your statement of payment from BWMB, you will need to forward the statement to Jessica Cross and, if she has purchased the wool, will pay you directly an additional 20% over the Wool Board price.

For the scheme to work and to ensure your wool goes into it correctly you MUST:

1.       Offer only 100% Southdown fleeces and NO black wool

2.       Label each of your wool sheets INSIDE and OUTSIDE very clearly with the words SOUTHDOWN WOOL PROJECT and add for THE ATTENTION OF:

MIKE BERRY if delivering to South Molton OR SPENCER BLOMFIELD if delivering to Ashford

3.       Best also to alert your haulier or whoever you drop your wool off with at the depots that the wool needs to be set aside for the SOUTHDOWN WOOL PROJECT

If you need more help contact:

Jessica Cross 01404 861 117 or 07768330031


Postal address for statements:

Primrose Farm, New Rd
EX14 9QE

Other contact details:

Mike Berry South Molton 01769 572 178

Spencer Bromfield Ashford 01233 622 444