NSA and Liverpool University Liver fluke survey

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NSA is currently supporting work which is being conducted by Liverpool University on liver fluke. Therefore, we are encouraging members and supporters of NSA to complete a survey produced by the University that will help contribute to this important work on liver fluke and potential resistance to treatments. We would really appreciate you forwarding this email to members of your breed society also. Please see further details on this below.

Survey into Liver Fluke and potential resistance to treatments.
The Liver Fluke research team at Liverpool University invite you to take part in a short survey to better understand the awareness of liver fluke and the potential for resistance to treatments amongst the sheep farming industry.

We understand that your time is valuable and the survey is designed to only take about 5 minutes. You do not need to answer all the questions, just the ones which are relevant to you and your farm. By completing the survey we will assume you consent to take part in the study. Your responses will be collected anonymously, therefore it will not be possible to withdraw your participation once you have submitted your answers. Please consider this before completing the survey.

Your answers will be treated confidentially and we will not gather any personal information in the survey. Your contact details will not be passed onto the University of Liverpool.

The link to the survey may be found here: https://liverpool.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/national-sheep-association-liver-fluke-survey. The survey will be open from the 19th August until 30th September.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. We believe the survey will be of great benefit to improve how we provide information for farmers in the future and allow us to continue our research into the control of liver fluke.

Many Thanks
The Liver Fluke Research Team, Liverpool University.