Brisk trade at Melton Mowbray

The final official Southdown Sheep Society Show & Sale of the year took place at Melton Mowbray Market as part of the Traditional Native Breeds Show & Sale on September 9th-10th. A good number of breeders, both new and established, ensured that bidding was brisk and interest was high. Trade for all females was excellent: aged ewes, shearling ewes and ewe lambs all sold and competition was keen with breeders determined to take home females from the last of the season’s sales.  

Taking top price of the day was a shearling ewe from Mrs Alison Allen from Norfolk. Marshland 15/00344 was sired by Goodwood Bentley 12/01382, out of a homebred Marshland ewe, and sold for 400gns to G Hill of Tamworth, Staffs. Mrs Allen’s large entry saw a total clearance following a brisk trade.

 Judge Neil Stainthorpe awarded the Reserve Champion rosette to a shearling ram bred by Mrs Sophie Arlott, Montecristo 15/15081. This ram was sired by Ridings 13/01453, and was out of a homebred ewe. He was sold for 370gns to H Wilson of Stamford, Lincs. 

Regular vendor and buyer Mrs Loraine Clements also returned home with an empty trailer, having achieved top price for an aged ram Wigginton Freddie 12/00019, bred by Gay Hargreaves Jones. This four year old ram, sired by East Dean Hector 05/0297, and out of Buckland Dolly 04/0004, was sold for 360gns and headed home to join the Caer Owen flock of Lynne Rowlands.

Champion in the pre-sale show was a shearling ewe from the East Dean flock of D S & P Humphrey, East Dean 15/02359, sired by a home bred tup, East Dean 14/01744, and out of a home bred ewe. This ewe was purchased by Mrs Loraine Clements for 350gns.

Ewe lambs were much in demand. Taking first prize in the pre-sale competition was a ewe lamb from D S & P Humphrey, East Dean 16/02887, sired by Montecristo 15/15088, out of an Ashmole ewe, which sold to new member Debbie Geary, Olney, Bucks, for the top ewe lamb price of 160 guineas.

Buyers were selective when it came to the ram lambs on offer. Top price was paid for the first prize winner, Caer Owen 16/00020, from Lynne Rowlands of Anglesey, which then headed back home to Wales with Dylan Williams of Cilau Aeron, Ceredigeon.


            3 aged ewes             238 guineas

            15 shearling ewes   240 guineas

            8 ewe lambs             148 guineas

            1 aged ram                360 guineas

            5 shearling rams      274 guineas

            3 ram lambs              173 guineas            


The Southdown Sheep Society’s Premier Show & Sale at Worcester peaked at 310gns for the pre-sale Show Champion “Prescoed Harebell” a shearling ewe from Howard Wood’s Pontypool based flock, secured by S. Welton, Ledbury, Hereford.  The same purchaser was busy at the sale taking a total of 5 sheep including two other Shearling ewes from the “Prescoed” flock at 205gns and 190gns respectively

Senior Flock Ewes were closely followed selling to 150gns for a 3 year old ewe from Robert Backshall’s “Caesars” flock going to P Geary, Milton Keynes, Bucks.

Ewe lambs enjoyed a brisk demand topping at 170gns or the first prize winner from DS & P Humphrey “East Dean” also to P Geary and the same price for the second prize from H Wood, Prescoed to H Williams, Llandeilo, Carms.

Shearling Rams were a selective trade but topped at a reasonable 300gns again from H Wood, Prescoed for his second prize winner taken by GE & SJ Mann, Loughborough, Leics.


                        6Senior Ewes               £149.62

                        3Shearling Ewes         £246.75

                        6Ewe Lambs                 £168.87

                        1Aged Rams                 £126.00

                        4Shearling Rams        £225.75

                        2Ram Lambs                £136.50


                        McCartneys LLP, Worcester

                        01905 769770

Ashford Sale hits 400gns twice

Buyers at the Southdown Sheep Society’s opening sale of the season at Ashford were cautious in the spending, but bid well for the best of the stock on offer, with quality in demand.

Heading up the trade at 400gns was the pre-sale champion, a shearling ram from the Goodwood flock under the management of Nick Page. This was Goodwood 15/05201, a son of Ridings 11/00701 out of a homebred dam. He was knocked down to the Mannering family, Bethersden.

Then making the same money were a pair of shearling ewes from the Wakeham Dawson and Harmer’s Ridings flock. The first of these was Ridings 15/03058, a daughter of East Dean 11/00448 and out of a homebred dam. She sold to Megan Chilcott, Somersett.

The same buyer took the second Ridings shearling at this price, with this one being Ridings 15/03056, a daughter of the homebred Ridings 11/00701 out of an imported French dam.

Then selling at 360gns was a Goodwood shearling ewe by a Southern Cross sire and out of a homebred dam. She sold to Nigel Barrington-Fuller, Clacton On Sea.

And at 350gns was another gimmer from the same home and this time by Ladywell 12/00095. She is out of a homebred dam and sold to Messrs Sparke, Hertfordshire.

A pair then sold at 330gns, with the first being another of the Goodwood shearling rams, Goodwood 15/07391. Again by Ridings 11/00701, this one is out of a homebred dam again and sold to Messrs O’Kane, Hothfield.

The other at this level was another Ridings shearling ewe, Ridings 15/03064, another by the Ridings 11/00701 sire and out of an imported French dam. This one also headed to Somerset with Megan Chilcott.

Three then found new homes at 300gns, with the first being the female and reserve overall champion, a ewe lamb from the Long family’s Chaileybrook flock. This was Chaileybrook 16/0022, a daughter of the homebred Chaileybrook 13/0001 and out of a homebred dam. She was bought by Celeste and Florence McKeague, Ayrshire.

The next two at this price were shearling ewes from the Ridings flock, Ridings 15/15/03146 and Ridings 15/03140, with the former being by an imported French sire and the latter by an East Dean sire. Both of these were aslo bought by Megan Chilcott.

Selling at 280gns was Southern Cross 15/00649 from Messrs Whitcombe. This shearling ram is by Langford 12/00134 and out of a homebred dam and sold to Anne-Marie and Peter Payne, Hertfordshire.

Wrapping things up at 275gns was the reserve male champion and leading ram lamb of the day, Chaileybrook 16/0002 from the Long family. Sired by the imported sire TC10187, he is out of a homebred dam and sold to Ray Edwards, Devon.

Averages; aged rams £215.20, shearling rams £273, ram lambs £202.65, shearling ewes £283.50, ewe lambs £196.35 (Hobbs Parker)

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The opening Southdown Sheep Society sale of the 2014 sales season saw a strong demand for well bred commercial relevant sheep, with a new breed female record of 1050gns the highlight of the day.

Setting the new benchmark was the champion from the pre-sale show, a shearling ewe from Messrs Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer's Ridings flock. The shearling ewe, Ridings 13/01460 is a daughter of the flocks' successful French import sire, Benoit and is out of a homebred dam by the homebred sire Ridings 09/1683. Having been tapped by the judge, Irving Pallister, she was subject to a fierce bidding battle with the hammer eventually falling in favour of Essex-based breed Nigel Barrington-Fuller, with a Signet index of 262.

The Ridings flock then took the day's second top female price of the day with their next shearling ewe, Ridings 13/01464, a twin born ewe again by Benoit and out of Ridings 11/766, a daughter of Ridings 09/1661. She sold with an index of 251 and was knocked down to Stephen and Paul Humphrey for their East Dean flock, Chichester, at 440gns. 

Then at 380gns was the third Ridings ewe, Ridings 13/01471, a daughter of East Dean 11/00418 and out of Ridings 07/764, a daughter of Chaileybrook 07/0006. This one has an index of 171 and sold to Jess Middleditch, Suffolk.

Close behind at 360gns was the best of the ewe lambs, a Ladywell Sam daughter from Goodwood Estates under the management of shepherd Nick Page. This lamb is out of a Wyndham ewe by French sire TC4028 and sold to Nigel Barrington-Fuller.

A trio of shearling ewes the traded at 300gns, with the first of these being the final Ridings entry, Ridings 13/01457, another by East Dean 11/00418 and out of Ridings 09/1684, a TC70171 daughter. This one sold to Plumpton College, Lewes.

Second at this money was a Goodwood shearling ewe, Goodwood 13/01966 which sold to Nigel Barrington Fuller. This one is by East Dean 04/0030 and out of Goodwood 10/0003, a Brant 04/0909 daughter. 

Next at this figure was Chris and Laura Beck's shearling ewe from their Beckbred flock, Beckbred 13/0006, a Langford 11/00080 daughter out of Smarden 11/00064, a Heathgate 07/338 daughter. She was bought by Jess Middleditch.

And making 270gns was another Goodwood ewe lamb, Goodwood 14/04982. Again by the Ladywell sire she is out of Goodwood 01446 and joined her flockmate when heading home with Nigel Barrington-Fuller.


Heading up the male trade was the pre-sale male champion and reserve overall champion, a two shear ram from Georgie Heyler's Langford flock. This one, Chaileybrook 12/00011, was bought from the Chaileybrook flock of the Long family as a ram lamb and is by the French sire TC10187 and out of Chaileybrook 06/00013, a TC4028 daughter. He was subject to keen interest, eventually selling for 900gns in a two-way split to his breeder Jonathan Long and Sid Cook for the Chaileybrook and Brant flocks, respectively. 

Chaileybrook breeding was behind the day's second top ram price when the Longs sold Chaileybrook 13/0033 to commercial producer Neil McGowan, Perthshire, at 800gns. This son of TC4028 is out of Chaileybrook 05/0002, an East Dean Z30 daughter and carries an index in the top 25% of the breed.

Following that at 650gns was Stephen and Paul Humphrey's shearling tup East Dean 13/01286. This Ridings 11/00743 son is out of East Dean 06/576, an East Dean Z86 daughter. He was reserve male champion at Suffolk Show earlier in the year and sold to Hannah Turner, Surrey.


Then making 450gns was Southern Cross 13/00419 from Philip Whitcombe. Sired by the Australian sire Southern Pastures 104/83 and out of Kingsley 06/28, he heads to North Yorkshire with the Glaves family for their Brompton flock.

The best of the ram lambs then sold at 430gns, with this being Keith Ashburner's Sheepwash 14/00061, a son of Goodwood 12/01430 out of Wyndam 10/00028, a Brompton 07/0225 daughter. Taking this one home was Jenny Heathcote, Hothfield.

 A total of five tups then sold at 400gns, with the first of these being another Southern Cross tup. This was Southern Cross 13/00455, a Southern Cross Bravo son out of Southern Cross 07/06, a Southern Cross Bradman daughter. Buying this one was Tina Gorringe, Lewes.

Two from the Chaileybrook flock of the Long family then traded at this level, with both of these also heading north of the border for commercial use with John Scott at Tain, Ross-shire. The first of these was 13/00030 a son of the imported sire MM10/0021 out of Chaileybrook 10/0035, a Brompton 09/026 daughter.

The second Chaileybrook tup at this level heading to Ross-shire was another by MM10/0021, Chaileybrook 11/0036, a Southern Cross 07/0013 daughter.

Next at 400gns was Duncan and Monica Crundwell's Ladywell 13/00123, a Ladywell Hector son out of Ladywell 05/0107 and bought by Anne O'Kane, Headcorn, Kent.

And the last at this level was another from the same home, Ladywell 13/00133, a Ladywell 09/282 son out of Ladywell 08/210. This one sold to Bob Backshall, Highclere, Newbury.

Averages; one older ewe £210, 34 shearling ewes £242.11, nine ewe lambs £218.75, 14 shearling rams £426.75, four ram lambs £234.93, three older rams £437.50. (Lambert and Foster).



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