The Southdown Sheep Society holds a number of Society sales each year at Maidstone, Worcester and Melton Mowbray, with a new sale being added for 2013 at Welshpool.

Southdown stock are also available at a number of other sales across the UK, including the main NSA ram sales at Builth Wells and regional ram sales at local markets.

Inaugural Welshpool sale reaches £200

Females were the pick of the trade at the inaugural Southdown Sheep Society sale at Welshpool, Powys, on Satruday (28 September) when trade hit a top of £200 thrice.


First at this money was the first prize shearling ewe, Glandore 12/0037 from Basil Cooper. This one is a daughter of imported French sire FR20021 and is out of a Smarden ewe. She sold to Helen Smith for the Penparc flock, Welshpool.


Following her at the same money was a ewe lamb from G Hargreaves Jones' Wiggington flock. This one had been first place in the pre-sale show and sold to Chris Rhead. She is by East Dean Hector and out of an East Dean dam.


And leading the way in the males was a ram lamb from Daniel Bunting also at £200. This was Golden Valley 13/00207, son of Southern Cross 11/00229 out of a Golden Valley dam.


Averages; six aged ewes £63, two shearling ewes £190, three ewe lambs £136, one shearling ram £180, three ram lambs £170, one aged ram £120.

Melton Mowbray leads at £360

Southdown trade at Melton Mowbray on Saturday (14 September) followed the trend of the Worcester sale a week previously, with good quality sheep well sought after.


Leading the trade at £360 was a shearling ewe from Daniel Bunting's Golden Valley flock which sold to Holly Lutkin. This one, 12/00168, is by an imported French sire and out of a dam by Golden Valley 06/0022.


Second best of the day at £325 was a ram lamb from the same home, Golden Valley 13/00209, a son of the same French sire and this time out of a homebred dam by a Manor sire. He sold to Sid Cook for the Brant flock having been breed champion in the pre-sale show.


Trading at £275 was the first prize shearling tup from the Humphreys family, a son of Southern Cross 09/02 out of a dam by East Dean 07/0133.


And making £170 was the first prize ewe lamb from Mark Hawtin which sold to Nigel Barrington-Fuller. This one is by an East Dean sire and out of a homebred dam.


Averages; three old ewes £120, 19 shearling ewes £153, seven ewe lambs £115, five ram lambs £190, four shearling rams £205.

Worcester Southdown trade hits 650gns


Saturday's (7 September) second Southdown sale of the year at Worcester saw trade peak at 650gns for a shearling ram from the Southern Cross flock of Messrs Whitcombe.


This tup, a son of a New Zealand bred Tralee sire and out of a homebred dam, sold to Gareth Lloyd Hughes, Aberystwyth.


Second best of the day at 410gns was another shearling tup from the same home and similarly bred, with this one selling to Maurice Trumper, Abergavenny. The flock then sold another shearling tup at 380gns to M J Moore, Brackley.


Leading the females at 270gns were a pair of shearling ewes, the first from Alex Bulmer's Habton flock and the second from M and S Paterson's Broadstone flock. Both these sold to Maurice Trumper, Abergavenny. A further shearling ewe from Gay Hargreaves-Jones' Wiggington flock then sold at 250gns, also selling to Mr Trumper.


Leading the ewe lamb trade at 180gns was one from the same vendor when selling to Miranda Wallace, Buckfastleigh.


Averages; five shearling rams £480.90, five ram lambs £211.50, 13 shearling ewes £189.40, nine ewe lambs £137.08, nine aged ewes £137.08 (McCartneys).

Maidstone sale hits 1000gns top with

new breed female record of 750gns

A solid demand for both males and females saw Southdown trade peak at 1000gns at the breed's premier sale at Maidstone on Saturday (27 July).

Leading the way was a shearling ram from Georgie Helyer's Langford flock, with this one, Langford 12/00136, being by Brompton  10/0012 and out of a homebred dam by a Wyndham sire. He sold after spirited bidding to Stephen and Paul Humphrey for their East Dean flock, Chichester.

Second best of the day at 800gns was another shearling ram, this time from Jonathan Long's Chaileybrook flock. Sired by an imported French sire, TC10187, this was Chailebybrook 12/00014 and is from the same female family as the recent breed record setter. He sold for commercial use in Aberdeenshire, heading to Harry Emslie.

A 770gns bid saw the Humphrey brothers recoup some of their outlay when they sold their first shearling in the ring, East Dean 12/00791. Sired by East Dean 09/2131, this one is out of a homebred dam by a homebred sire and sold to another Scottish buyer, this time Lanarkshire-based Drew Coulter.

Northern Irish buyers the Baxter family, Co Tyrone, then claimed the next best priced tup when paying 600gns for the pre-sale male champion from Duncan and Monica Crundwell's Ladywell flock. This was Ladywell 12/0109, a son of Southern Cross Manuka out of a dam by an East Dean sire.

Another from the same home then sold at 570gns when joining new breeder Jess Middleditch, Suffolk. This was Ladywell 12/0111, again by the Southern Cross sire he is out of a 2005-born homebred dam.

The Crundwells then sold another from their pen at 550gns, with this being Ladywell 12/0098. Also heading across the Northern Ireland with the Baxter family, he is again by the Southern Cross sire and had stood third in the pre-sale show.

Leading the day's ram lamb trade was a bid of 440gns for a ram lamb from the Chaileybrook flock of Jonathan Long. This money was paid for Chaileybrook 13/0003, a maternal brother to the £2500 breed record holder and sired by TC4028, another imported French sire. He sold to join the Pen Parc flock of Helen Smith, Welshpool.

Second best of the lambs was a 300gns call for the second lamb from the Chaileybrook pen, Chaileybrook 13/0018. He is sired by TC10187 and is out of a full sister to the 440gns ram lamb. Buying this one was Jason Smith, Reigate.


Demand for females was equally as strong and dominated by a number of new breeders eager to establish flocks from the best available genetics.

Topping the trade and setting a new breed female record at 750gns was the day's female and overall champion, a shearling ewe from the Goodwood flock under the management of shepherd Nick Page. This was Goodwood 12/01440 a daughter of homebred sire Goodwood 10/00044 and out of Goodwood 06/14. She sold to new breeder Nigel Barrington-Fuller, Clacton on Sea, Essex.

Female champion and new breed female record holder from Goodwood Estate

Female champion and new breed female record holder from Goodwood Estate

Second best here was a 370gns bid for a shearling ewe from the Southern Cross flock of Philip Whitcombe. She is by Southern Cross Bradman and out of a Kingsley dam and sold to Katie Potter, Canterbury.

Then at 330gns was another of the Goodwood entry, Goodwood 12/01416. Sired by Golden Valley 10/0020, she is out of a Strawberry Down dam and sold to Jess Middleditch. Just shy of that at 320gns was Southern Cross 12/334, a daughter of New Zealand sire Clifton Downs CD225/06 and out of a homebred dam.

Four shearling ewes then sold at 300gns, with the first being from the Goodwood pen and by the Golden Valley sire. This was Goodwood 12/01476, out of a homebred dam she was knocked down to Jess Middleditch.

Nigel Barrington Fuller was then back in action, paying 300gns for one from Amy Redhead-Higgins. This was Sutherland 12/00063, a daughter of homebred sire Sutherland 10/10 out of an All Saints dam. Third at this money was the sole shearling ewe from the Humprey brothers, East Dean 12/00773. She is by homebred sire East Dean 09/2131 and joined Mr Barrington-Fullers load back to Essex.

The final 300gns bid came for the first of the Whitcombe's shearling ewes, being Southern Cross 12/341. Another by Southern Cross Bradman she sold to Katie Potter, Canterbury.

Ewe lamb trade peaked at 210gns for a first prize winner from the Goodwood pen, Goodwood 13/01784. She is by Southern Cross 09/0008 and out of a Goodwood dam and sold to Nigel Barrington Fuller. Another from the same home then made 200gns, with this being a twin sister to the last and selling to Rob and Anna Paton, Bedfordshire.

Averages; four ewes £115.50, 39 shearling ewes £225.75, eight ewe lambs £133.35, 17 shearling rams £505.05, seven ram lambs £270.90, one ram £336 (Lambert and Foster).

Sale dates for the remaining sales this season are listed opposite.

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