Regional Breeders' Groups

There is an active regional group within easy reach of most members of the Southdown Sheep Society.

The newsletter provides up to date information regarding activities organised by members on a regional and local basis. Please feel free to contact any group co-ordinator for more details. All members are welcome to attend any of the regional meetings.

South West Group


Nicole Peart

 Adam & Caroline Brown 

West Midlands Group

Co-ordinator:    Miriam Parker

Wales Group

Co-ordinator: Gareth Lloyd Hughes

Scotland Group

Co-ordinator:    Mary Watson

  • 01888 544710


East Midlands Group

Co-ordinator:    Sophie Arlott

East Anglia Group

Co-ordinator:    Lindsay Dane

Beds, Bucks, Herts Group

Co-ordinator:    Lesley Mead 

  • 01525 270135


South of England Group

Co-ordinator: Paul Humphrey

  • 01243 811518