On our site you can find information relating to the breed, latest news, details of shows and sales, stock for sale and information from Breeders’ Groups around the regions.

Our breed can meet your needs - whether you are looking for a terminal sire to produce quick maturing lambs, or a few Southdown sheep on a few acres.

The Society hopes our website offers you a starting point, please get in touch with the Southdown Office for further information.


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The Southdown Sheep Society


As many of you will realise the Society website isn't looking as it should. Unfortunately, the website is currently experiencing technical difficulties and will be replaced by a new website in 2016.

In the meantime the current website retains all the functionality and content. Should you have any issues accessing content please email the Society office.  


Melton Mowbray Native & Traditional Breeds National Show & Sale 9th & 10th September 2016 Copies of the catalogue General Information and sections for each breed are now available to download from www.grassroots.co.uk/melton.html

Printed catalogues will be available direct from the auctioneers, before the sale.

The 2016 National Show and Sale of Traditional and Native Breeds on 9th & 10th September  is shaping up to be another exciting event. For the first time in 2016 we are welcoming the very rare Bagot Goats which is a special opportunity to start some new herds.  We have 6 breeds of cattle represented with a good entry from the Traditional Herefords and British Whites and even a small group of the very rare Shetland Cattle.  The pigs will include 9 of our native breeds and the poultry section will once again be bursting with variety and choice.

We have over 900 pedigree sheep from 26 breeds entered, including a small numbers of Devon and Cornwall Longwools, Whiteface and Greyface Dartmoor, and Cotswolds who, along with the  Southdowns are celebrating their 125th Anniversary year.  We have a good number of very rare North Ronaldsays, known for their seaweed eating habit in the Orkney Islands, but very happy to live on grass, and a large consignment of Shetland Sheep with their fine naturally coloured wool.  In fact a breed to suit every type of farm,  from the small, primitive, naturally coloured, wool shedding breeds like the Soay, Castlemilk Moorit and Manx, through hardy  dam breeds like the Norfolk Horn, Portland, Kerry Hill and Jacob, to the magnificent longwools including the Teeswater, Leicester, Lincoln and Wensleydale, and the traditional terminal sire breeds including the mighty Oxford Downs.

Buffet Party tickets are available direct from the auctioneers.  

Worcester Sale catalogue....click here to view

Sheep at the 2016 Scottish Smallholder Festival
Saturday 24th September 2016, Lanark.  Please see file in downloads section for more details or visit the SSGF website

125th Anniversary Southdown Sheep Society National Show
Please see below in the downloads section for the full results and click here to see the report

JAB has organised a series of events for farmers, vets and wider industry to find out more about the current situation with bluetongue, the risks to the UK, information about the disease and more on the vaccine from vets and advisers.

There are a few more dates to plan in  for Cornwall, West Sussex/Surrey, Devon (Exeter), Wiltshire and Wales. All details are also be listed on the NFU BTV page  www.nfuonline.com/bluetongue/

Worcester Sale
Worcester sale on September 3rd...see link for the entry form  and the schedule

Flock Competition
Entry form and rules now available to download

Anniversary Dinner Dance 2016
Tickets are still available for the Anniversary Dinner Dance on August 6th...purchase your tickets
  and for full directions to Goodwood
Please see our range of anniversary merchandise available...click here

New Lambs?
Animals born this year should be registered either via Pedeweb, or by completing the paper forms and mailing to the Southdown Sheep Society office...view the lamb registration form 

Shows 2016
A list of shows coming up in 2016...click here

Southdown Merchandising
A new range of merchandising is available now.....click here for full details

125th Anniversary 2016 National Southdown Show
Saturday August 6th, 2016 - please click here for full details  and visit the shows 2016 page downloads section for entry forms

Spring Newsletter
The Spring Newsletter is now available....Click here to read now


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