Council Members


President: Mrs Jane Ing

President Elect: Mrs Lesley Mead

Chairman of Council:  Adam Brown 

Vice Chairman: Howard Wood

Honorary Treasurer: Neil Stainthorpe


Members of Council

Retire 2018 

Sidney J Cook, Lindsay Dane, Patrick Goldsworthy MBE,

Tim Morris, Neil Stainthorpe

Retire 2019 

Justin Harmer, Stephen Humphrey, Jonathan Long, Les Newman, Nicole Peart, Dylan Williams.

Retire 2017 

Adam Brown, Duncan Crundwell, Paul Humphrey, Miriam Parker, Howard Wood.

Council Members to retire in 2020

Council Members to retire in 2018

Council Members to retire in 2019

Representatives on the National Sheep Association Breed Forum - J M A Long & A Brown


SECRETARY Mrs Gail Sprake


Registered Office:Southdown Sheep Society,Meens Farm, Capps lane, All Saints, Halesworth, Suffolk. IP19 0PD Telephone: 01986 782251 Fax: 01986 782416  email -


Registered Charity No 266713 Company No. 35585